How I Can Support Your Child or Teen

I provide mental health counseling for children ages 3-16. I support children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, dysregulated behavior, ADHD, ADD, defiance, aggression, and difficulty coping with transitions or limits.

 Counseling may be a good fit if:

  • Your child is struggling to cope with stressors or transitions.
  • You are struggling to cope with your child’s challenging behaviors.
  • Your family is going through a separation or divorce.
  • Your child has gone through a traumatic experience or witnessed you experience trauma.
  • You want them to have a safe and supportive place to process their emotions.

My Services & Fees

Initial Assessment


Psychotherapy Session


30 Minute Parent Session


Full Parent Session


Parent Check In via Phone


Please keep in mind that I do not accept insurance and clients are responsible for all fees.

Please reach out for workshop and presentation fees.